About Dr. Fannin

Dr Jeffrey L Fannin PHD

Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, an MBA, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications. He is the founder of clinic and research center Thought Genius, LLC in Peoria, Arizona. He has worked in the neuroscience field researching and training the brain for over 28-Years. Dr. Fannin is a specialist in brain performance.

Dr. Fannin has extensive experience training the brain for optimal brain performance working with head trauma, stroke, chronic pain, attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), anxiety disorders, depression, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and trauma from PTSD. His research and experience also extend into high performance training, such as: personal achievement, performance brainmapping for sports, enhancing leadership skills through brainwave entrainment; improving brain function and to enhance mental and emotional dexterity through personal transformation. Dr. Fannin is an international speaker, authority, and author in the field of optimal brain performance and cutting-edge neuroscience research and meditation.

He is the Neuroscientist, traveling the world for nearly five years. He worked with meditators and consulting and training over 4,000 individuals from different countries, walks of life and educational backgrounds. Dr. Fannin appears in the movie “PGS Personal Guidance System – Intuition as the neuroscientist explaining intuition. Dr. Fannin was part of a research team at Arizona State University researching neuroscience and leadership; focusing on research accomplished at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He has appeared on Quantum World TV, The New Frontier and Awakening; also, on Gaia TV, You Are Not Your Brain. His work has been featured in local media, international media such as the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, ABC Daily, Business Week, London Financial Times, in Singapore’s Weekend Edition, BBC radio, and many more. Dr. Fannin also hosted a popular weekly radio show, Help! My Thoughts Are Holding Me Hostage.