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Meditation, Brain Mapping, Brain Training, Brain Health & Brain Fitness

On this site, you will find information on how to get to know your brain and how to optimize it to create a life you love with fewer limitations and greater possibilities. We do that through our blog posts, videos, private coaching, group programs, and in-person live events.

Courses & Coaching

Dr. Jeffrey Fannin has brought his over 25 years of helping thousands of peak performance athletes, entrepreneurs, students, and organizations overcome obstacles and break out of any box.


Dr. Fannin has traveled the world for over 5 years speaking before large audiences and for organizations on the subjects from breaking unwanted habits to brain optimization and peak performance.

Scientific Articles

Over the years Dr. Fannin has written many research papers and has published three books on cutting edge neuroscience. Read our blog for science-based articles on how to improve your thoughts which affect actions and habits.

What our clients say about our work together

Dr. Fannin scanned my brain. We talked about my brain results and Dr. Fannin recommended that I focus on a certain area of my brain. The effects that that has had on my life has been tremendous. I just highly recommend having a consultation. If you’ve had a brain map with Dr. Fannin, see if there’s a certain area in your brain, you may want focus on or a particular area in your life that you’re interested in improving, because I’m telling you what, this really works! 

After applying the Quantum Alignment™ technique, I felt the change in my perceptions and beliefs rather quickly. I feeling noticeable reduction in my levels of stress.  

I want to go deeper. I want to understand, I want to have those experiences that others have. And I just felt that there could be an opportunity in here for me to learn more about what’s happening with me. And what I found was amazing. 

Dr. Fannin said that I could never go back and, he was absolutely right. I can never go back! I meditate daily and miracles are happening every single day. Thank you, Dr. Fannin, for your wisdom and for sharing everything.