Training and Coaching Around the World

Traveling and training around the world allowed me the opportunity with my team of technicians personally do over 4,176 brain maps and consultations with those who received the brain maps and training. They were different audiences, different backgrounds, different educational backgrounds

The Paperback & Audiobook are Now Available!

The 500-page paperback book is on the market and can be ound on Amazon.. The audiobook is 9.5 hours long and follows the book text. It was narrated and brought to life by Jeremy Rutherford. It explores over 30 years of research, travel, and conversations with clients from all over the globe searching for their  own ENOUGHNESS Examining the patters of thinking and behavior we learned as children while they still tined to drive our behavior in adult life for decades…you learn how to dump those negative voices from your backpack and replace them with subconscious beliefs that really work for you!.

Unwanted Patterns Learned as a Child...Still Drive Our Behavior as Adults.

I has long been known that we learn how the world works from our caregivers as children…However, there are a number of family of origin wounds that we still carry around in our backpack and has driven our behavior for decades…This coaching and training shows you how to get rid of your negative inner-critic permanently!

Learn How Money Works - Get Debt Free

For most Ameicans the four most important things are: 1) Family, 2) Financial Security, 3) Health, and 4) Personal Freedom.. Our family continues to grow and develop who they have decided to become throughout their entire life. Financial security, especially in this uncertain economic climate becomes a very concerning issue. Don’t dispair, there is hope for all of us, no matter if you are just starting your journey in life or whether time has delt you a few unforeseen setbacks. We were never taught how money works or how to work it to our advantage. We can help you get our of debt, prepare for retirement, or get that home you have always wanted….so how much does it cost…exactly nothing, zero dollars…we will consult free of charge and teach you how it is done! You only need to schedule a conversation to attain financial freedom and personal independence!

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