Facts About Meditation

According to the renowned Dr. Norman Rosenthal, M.D., "Wellness and Stress-Reduction programs  vary widely in their effectiveness." He also explains, " In the vast body of 47 years of research showing a powerful long-lasting reductions in stress and stress-related illness." Look at some of the research below and you will see how it is most effective.

Transendental Meditation is easy to learn and pleasant to practice...so many people around the world stay with it. Dr. Rosenthal explains, "Transendental Meditation is probably the most cost effective programs out there."

Dr. Rosenthal is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Georgetown Medical School: best-selling author, and leader of the team that first described Seasonal Affective Disorder and pioneered the use of light therapy to treat it.

How Transendental Meditation Works

Increased Health and Performance

Improved Deep Rest


Transendental Meditation produced a significant result. Deep rest and relaxation increased. These physiological changes occur spontaneously as the mind effortlessly settles to the state of restful alertness, Transendental Consciousness.

American Psychologist 42 (1987): 879-881.

Science 167 (1970): 1751-1754.

American Journal of Physiology 221 (1971) : 795-799.

Increased Brain Functioning


University students who learned Transendental Meditation compared to students randomly assigned for testing showed significant improvement over a 10-week period on the Brain Integration Scale. Students learn Transendental Meditation technique showed decreased sleepiness and better habits for dealing with stress.

International Journal of Psycophysiology 71 (2009): 170-176.

Decreased Blood Pressure


Studies were published on stress reduction and blood pressure among hypertensive patients. Transendental Meditation was found to have statistically significance on reducing high blood pressure. Both systolic and diastolic blood pressure measures were significantly lower.

Current Hypertension Reports 9 (2007): 520-528.

American Journal of Hypertension 21 (2008): 310-316.

Decreased Insulin Resistance


A controlled study found that four months of practice of the Transendental Meditation technique led to a significant reduction of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is one of the components of the "metabolic syndrome," often associated with obesity, high blood pressure, and hyperlipidemia...a risk factor for cardiovascular problems. Insulin resistance has been linked to 

Type 2 diabetes.

Archives of International Medicine 166 (2006): 1218-1224.

Reduction Of Atherosclerosis


A study showed that those who learned Transendental Mediation showed reduced thickening of the carotid artery when compared to continued thickening of the artery even with health education on diet and exercise for alleviating cardiovascular problems. 

Stroke 31 (2000): 568-573.

Reduced Rates of Death, Heart Attack & Stroke


A randomized controlled trial of subjects who had known heart disease and who participated in the Transendental Meditation program or a health education control group...those in the TM program showed a 47% lower risk for death, heart attack, and stroke over a five year period. The study also found that the Transendental Meditation  technique is and effective method to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Circulation 120 (2009): S461. 

Jerry Seinfield on Transendental Meditation

Reduced Psychological Stress


A study at Stanford University looking at 146 independent outcomes, indicates that the affect of Transendental Meditation on reducing anxiety was much greater than than the use of other techniques. Analysis showed that the positive results could not be attributed to subject expectation, experiment bias, or quality of the research design.

Journal of Clinical Psychology 45 (1998): 957-974.

Journal of Clinical Psychology 33 (1977): 1076-1078.

Reduced Drug & Alcohol Use


Transendental Meditation programs produced significantly larger reductions in tobacco, alcohol, and non- prescription drug use than standard substance abuse treatments and standard prevention program.

Alcohol Treatment Quarterly 11 (1994): 13-87.

International Journal of the Addictions 26 (1991): 293-325.

Improved Employee Health


447 industrial workers of Sumitomo Heavy Industries were taught the Transendental Meditation technique and compared with 321 workers who did not learn the technique. The Transendental Meditation Group showed significantly decreased emotional instability, decreased neurotic tendencies, decreased anxiety, and also decreased insomnia.

Japanese Journal of Industrial Health 32 (1990): 656.

Japanese Journal of Public Health 37 (1990): 729.

Enhanced Job Performance & Job Satisfaction


A study of executives and workers in the automotive industry found that after three months of regular Transendental Meditation practice, employees showed increased satisfaction with their professional and personal life, in comparison to control groups from the same work sites.

Anxiety and Stress Coping 6 (1993): 245-262.

Academy of Management Journal 17 (1974): 362-368.

Optimized Brain Function


Higher levels of EEG coherence measured during the practice of Transendental Meditation is significantly correlated with increased fluency of verbal creativity; increased efficiency in learning new concepts; more principled moral reasoning; higher verbal IQ, and decreased neuroticism; higher academic achievement; clearer experiences of Transendental Consciousness; and increased neurological efficiency, measured by faster recovery of the paired H-reflex.

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Increased Self-Actualization


In studies with  42-independent outcomes indicated that the effect of Transendental Meditation showed increases in self-actualization with greater concentration, contemplation or potential, expressed in every area of life: integration and stability of personality, self-regard, emotional maturity, capacity of warm interpersonal relationships and adaptive response to challenges.

Journal of Social Behavior and Personality 6 (1991): 189-248.

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