Video Interviews

Quantum University Interview


During this free live on-line broadcast Dr. Fannin will give us a preview of his upcoming presentation as he speaks with Dr. Paul Drouin about his latest insights into how neuroscience relates to our "thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors". He will discuss how coherence in patterns in the brain directly relates to our quality of life.  Jeffrey L. Fannin holds a PhD. in Psychology, an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications. He has worked in the neuroscience field training the brain for over 20 years; and is the founder and CEO of Thought Genius, LLC.

Quantum University Interview


Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Jeffrey Fannin
"Brain, Mind, and the Placebo Effect" QuantumWorld TV 

Interview with 180 Nutrition


Dr. Jeffrey Fannin interviewed bu 180 Nutrition - How the Law of Attraction Works; The Scientific Explanation.

Energy Field Interview


Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D. explains that the energy field around us is real and measurable to David Laroche.

How To Change The Frequency of Your Thoughts


Our Thoughts have the power to affect our reality. Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D. explains the science behind this powerful concept to David Laroche.

Turning Your Thoughts Into Results


Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D. discusses the process of turning your thoughts into reality with David Laroche.

The Gratitude Cafe Radio Show Interview

Renowned radio show host Sue Lundquist had a very enthusiastic interview Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D. on her radio show The Gratitude Cafe  Feb. 21, 2017

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Oct. 9, 2015 Guest: Dr. Joe Dispenza - Becoming Supernatural