Inner Balance™ Bluetooth Device

The Inner Balance  bluetooth device is great for building your capacity to deal with stress, challenges and setbacks in life.


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When you purchase an Inner Balance  from Dr. Fannin you will  receive 6-videos FREE teaching you the techniques for using your Inner Balance: 1) Heart-Focused Breathing, 2) Inner Ease Technique, 3) Quick Coherence, 4) Freeze-Frame Technique, 5) Heart Lock-In, 6) The Resilience Model.  A $300 total value.


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The Heart's Intuitive Connection

We all energetically interact with one another. We are all connected. The electromagnetic center around the heart is 60 times greater than the electromagnetic center around the brain. Watch this informative video to learn more about how we energetically communicate with one another.

Dealing With Stress

Increasing your resilience is about increasing your capacity to deal with stress, challenges and the setbacks that we all have in life. Watch this informative video to learn more...

Mysteries of the Heart

Understanding how to balance our autonomic nervous system (ANS) is important. There are two parts to the ANS, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. Watch this short video to learn more about how your emotions are affecting your health.

How To Handle Stress

The HeartMath Inner Balance device is a helpful tool for managing your stress. It is also a great tool to assist  building up your capacity to handle the challenges and stress of everyday living. Watch this informative video.