GDV Equipment


Energy from each of your fingertips is recorded. One set of finger captures records your emotional energy. The second set of finger captures records you physical energy.

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How It Measures Your Body's Energy


 All ten-finger tips on both hands (L&R) recorded as a baseline of energetic information. This data was used to measure the amount and quality of emotional energy in the subject’s biofield. A second set of finger captures was taken using a polyurethane filter placed on the GDV equipment camera lens to block the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). This process provided data for the evaluation of the amount and quality of the physical energy of the subject. Both sets of captures were then processed in the GDV software for analysis. The stimulated glow around human fingertips contains highly coherent information regarding the emotional and physical state of the subject. 

Display of Your Energy Field



We measure a person's energy field to  help us understand the nature of that energy and whether it flows or if the energy is blocked. 

The GDV measures were converted into a variety of useful indicators of health and how the body is using that energy. The GDV equipment can detect the presence of subtle energy. From numerous previous independent researchers, it has been validated that the GDV equipment is a legitimate tool in detecting and analyzing subtle energy. 

Diagram of Unconscious & Conscious Energy Usage


 Once the data was collected, one of the reports presented is a GDV Diagram. It is a 360° circular diagram and is designed to provide analysis of the well-being of a person. The circular diagram on the left side reveals information from the past or held in the subconscious; while the right side portrays information from the present day.  

Measure of How Much Stress is Affecting Your Body


 Activation Coefficient indicates the stress level of a person. Therefore, if a person's body is accustomed to increasing the emotion, focus and concentration to allow the flow of the energy to match their intention during meditation it can be measured.



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Alignment of Your Chakra Centers


 Chakra analysis is more related to the psychological and spiritual condition of a person. These energy centers are recognized as being positioned along the spinal column starting at the coccyx and rising to the crown of the head.  

 Chakra centers are aligned along the central line of the vertical spinal cord. Sometimes the energy center is displaced from the midline alignment. Displacement to the left indicates there is a priority or focus of the chakra energy toward that person’s relationship to their social sphere. If it is displacement is to the right of the centerline, it indicates there is a priority or focus of the chakra energy within their inner circle of relationships and/or within themselves.