Heart-Focused Breathing is an effective technique to take the charge out of a stress reaction and start the process of shift- ing into a more resilient state. It’s a simple technique that helps turn down the volume of stress. Combining the simple act of focusing on the heart area with a deeper level of breathing helps draw energy away from your distressed thoughts and feelings. You interrupt your body’s mechanical stress response and begin the process of get-
ting your nervous system in sync, which is reflected in more coherent heart rhythms and improves your mental capacity. 



The state of ease is a highly regenerative state that helps us flow more easily through challenges and builds our resilience capacity. Inner ease is not a sleepy-headed state or merely a state of relaxation. It’s a balance between the mind and emotions which allows us to ac- cess a sense of inner stillness while on the move. It creates an extra time window for deeper discernment and more competent and conscious choices that can help prevent and resolve many unnecessary challenges and unwanted predicaments.  



Heart-Focused Breathing helps take the intensity out of a reaction or background feeling such as anxiety or fear. We need
to be realistic, however, and know that we may still have the same energy-draining feelings, but at diminished levels by turning down the volume of our anger or impatience, for example. The next important step in replenishing your energy levels and resilience is to experience a higher ratio of regenerative feelings such as appreciation, compassion, courage, dignity, integrity or one of the feelings.  The purpose of the Quick Coherence Technique is consciously self-activating a regenerative feeling. Remember, it’s our positive feelings that create coherence. 



Freeze Frame is a multipurpose technique that can be used in the moment for gaining clarity and stopping energy drains.
It also helps balance your mind and emotions so you can think more creatively and make better choices. Freeze Frame helps you gain a clear and balanced perspective by accessing your intuitive intelligence. 

The Freeze Frame Technique allows you to use more of your smart- thinking brain, which can get jammed up and out-of-sync when you are stressed. 



The Heart Lock-In Technique is a powerful method for helping you shift your baseline to create beneficial and sustained changes at the physiological level, which is imperative for building a new baseline of resilience. 

Activating and sustaining coherence trains the nervous system to a new “normal.” The nervous system begins to recognize this more resil- ient and energy-efficient state as the familiar one, so it becomes your new internal set point: In other words, it becomes more automatic. 

Building a new baseline is similar to laying a new foundation or down- loading a new operating system. In practical terms, it means that things that once triggered you don’t get under your skin as easily.
You “operate” from a new set point. You also may find you have more energy and that you flow through your day, handling what comes up with greater ease. 



Download the PDF to better understand all of the new terms and how they affect your coherence.  The scoring algorithm continuously monitors the most current 64 seconds of heart rhythm data and updates the score every 5 seconds. The more stable and regular the heart rhythm frequency, the higher the coherence score. Scores range from 0-16. With practice and regular use your will begin to notice your own normal coherence score level and how it fluctuates when you have more or less focus and when you experience greater levels of inner balance, use your score range as your guide to setting challenge levels and achievement goals.