Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D.


I measured people in different countries, different cultures, different ages and different walks of life. I had personal conversations with each one of these people…some meditate and some do not. All of them had their brain mapped and spoke to me personally. I discussed with them what is going on in their brain based on their brainmap and I was able to ask questions about their experience of meditation or brain training. I explored the boundaries of normal functioning, higher consciousness and intuition. It took me five years, but I wrote a book that is in the process of being published in just a few weeks. Recently, I ended up in a documentary movie – PGS (Personal Guidance System) Intuition, it is currently being shown in theaters around the world. One of the shockers to me at the beginning of March 2018; the shocker is that I had become famous in India at the International Yoga Festival for a week. This movie still being shown in sold out movie theaters around the world. People are raving about it! I am ready to share with you of the laws of universe and why these universal laws have an impact on our life. These laws work whether we are aware of the law or even care whether we use it or not. I want to teach you how to have more control in your life and feel abundance. I want teach you how to attract the things and life you desire, no fooling…it is possible. You are unaware that you do it now, sometimes on the negative side, creating experiences you don’t want. You should be asking the question, “Why am I attracted to this thing that I do not want?” Wouldn’t it be worth the time  and learn how this information can improve your life and give you more control over what is happening and get more pleasure out of life? Keep reading, I promise it will be worth it!