Under the Influence Book by Jeffrey Fannin

Everything is Energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. Albert Einstein

When our natural frequencies become mixed up or distorted, the body’s ability to self-regulate and maintain our healthy function is compromised and good things stop happening. We begin to feel unwell.

For many people, this manifests as

  • Loss of energy
  • Unhealthy food cravings
  • Body aches & pains
  • Lack of focus & concentration
  • Mood swings
  • Illness & disease

Just like finding your favorite radio station, you must tune into the correct frequency to reach it. Our bodies are the same way. We simply need to tune into the frequencies of regeneration and repair to reach our optimal state of being.

What if there was a way to measure your own frequencies and in turn, optimize those frequencies and the vibration to be your best self?

What if you could easily rejuvenate and repair your body by activating your energy, frequency, and vibration at the cellular level?

We are constantly under the influence of energy, frequency, and vibration. They affect everything in our life including our ability to function and our ability to enjoy life.

This book unlocks the secrets of the universe by guiding you with easy, non-scientific language and will show you how to apply the Universal Laws of energy, frequency and vibration to create an optimized life you truly love.

Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin is a Neuroscientist and specialist in brain performance with a Ph.D. in Psychology, an MBA, and Bachelors in Communication. He is the founder of clinic and research center Thought Genius, LLC in Peoria, Arizona. He has worked in the neuroscience field researching and training the brain for over 28-Years.

Commanding the Power of Thought

Imagine what your life would be like to clear your mind of the nagging negative thoughts. Just think what it will be like to be at peace with yourself, to meditate with a quiet mind? What if there was a way to create and live like the person you want to become and who you meant to be? Volume 1 reveals how to deal with negative thoughts, turning them in to positive thoughts that vibrate through you.

Lifting you to a higher vibration leaving you emotionally and mentally more in control of who you want to become.As you take this journey, Volume 1 offers easy to understand explanation of some universal laws and principles that affect us everyday whether we know it or not. As an example, you may not know how gravity works.

You may not even care about gravity in you daily life but you are still subject to the laws of gravity. It is what keeps from spinning off this planet into space. The universal laws and principles presented here offer hope, understanding and a greater knowing of who you are and how to make your life more satisfying and rewarding. We all have the ability to do that!

By knowing about some of the universal laws affecting you, you will be able to better command the power of your own thoughts.This book took years to write. The author traveled the world and worked over 4,000 people from all walks of life, in different countries, people with different educational backgrounds and understandings of how we function as human beings. He consulted with them, worked with them to improve and transform themselves.

Now you can benefit from his experience, education, knowledge to begin your own journey of personal transformation.

Commanding the Power of Thought Book 2

In Volume 2, read about real experiences that were scientifically recorded with people just like you. They experienced phenomena that sounds like science fiction but it is real! It really happened and you will have a front row seat as you follow the journey. You may not know it but we are all connected to one another. In this volume, you will learn why that is the way of things and why you should even care about it. It is part of understanding yourself and those around you.

You may have heard stories of amazing healing. In this volume you will be inspired and it will be explained. You will learn why that is and the fact that energy can heal us, our own energy makes us feel better. Even if you are aware that all things are energy, it may still be a mystery how to align your energy to be better and feel better. The secret is revealed here. It is easier than you think.

Do you wonder why the same things you don’t want to happen always happen to you? Do you wonder why you continue to attract people into your life that do not have your best interest in mind? Would you like to attract people who think like you do? Would you like to be at peace with yourself and train you brain to have more positive thoughts?Explore the amazing experiences in this volume to better understand what you need to do for your own personal transformation.

Begin to walk away from your cluttered mind filled with negative thoughts. Get rid of unwanted beliefs that are driving your behavior. Learn how to create beliefs that are empowering and allow you create the life you have always wanted and deserve!