Ancestral Clearing


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  • Clearing Resistance in Ourselves and Our Clients
  • Getting Rid of Old Unwanted Feelings and Beliefs
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It is known in science that we all carry stress and trauma. It affects our immune system usually producing too much cortisol. Too much cortisol affects our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). There are two branches to the ANS, the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) that responds to the production of Cortisol and affects the organs in our body. Disease and discomfort can result when our body gets too much Cortisol. The term is known as "Allostatic Production" or our body has maladapted in ways that are not good for us. The longer we keep these habits and the continued production of Cortisol the worse our body can handle it.

As a Neuroscientist, I have read the reports and studied the scientific research and the results are very consistent in multiple studies through time beginning with a study conducted on Civil War prisoners adds to the evidence suggesting that our parents and even our grandparents experiences could affect our DNA.

One of the most recent studies reported in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” researchers from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the sons, not daughters, of Union Army soldiers who endured grueling conditions as prisoners of war were more likely to die young than the soldiers that were not prisoners.

Their sons were born after the war, so they could not have experienced the horrors personally. The stressors of war were passed down between generations. There are dozens of studies and reports that bear evidence of this fact. The studies and reports on the effects of the longevity of the sons of men imprisoned between 1863-1864. 

Randy L. Jirtle says, “The stress on the person system moves the machinery to either put down or not put down epigenetic markers. Jirtle explains that the epigenome of the body is a type of software program that can run on other computers. In this way, the Genetic DNA information is passed down in our ancestral linage. Other studies explain that there is something beyond the genes and the environment that is affecting our health. Healing the past experiences may be the key to remaining healthy and moving forward.

Another scientific study by an award winning psychiatrist from Tulane University, Dr. Stacy Drury's ground breaking research showed that early childhood trauma can have a negative affect with health consequences that seep across generations.

The research showed that a biological marker of an infant's  ability to regulate stress was influenced by the amount of stress the child's mother experienced during pregnancy but also by a mother's experiences both before and durning pregnancy influences an infant's development.

The study also showed that mom's early life adversity set a lower baseline of RSA, while parental stress resulted in  less ability with various daily stressors. There are many, many studies and reports that explain the scientific and biological effects of markers in our DNA from our parents or ancestral linage that are affecting us everyday. Too many to list here...but you get the idea!

When People Re-Align Their Frequencies...What Happens??

One problem we have is that most people don't listen to their bodies. If we don't feel quite right we are looking for the cause somewhere else and we don't pay attention what it may be really about. If we want a new experience in life, then we need to do things differently. Its plain and simple physics. 

It's time to clear the charge to past experiences so they don't have power over us! When we clear the charge to past experiences, we start to notice more free will available to us. It doesn't matter what has been in our ancestry before as long as it does not have the charge that is out of balance

Many clients report experiencing major relief in their area of concern. Because Dr. Fannin’s work addresses the entire spectrum of negative content, stress and burdens from a person’s life and their ancestral lineage, other results may appear – some right away, while others continue to unfold over time. Allowing you to feel more whole, and in control. 

Personal improvements can include more energy, deeper sleep, a greater sense of peace and wellbeing, less fear and anxiety, increased mental clarity, better relationships, spontaneous weight normalization, freedom from compulsive behaviors, and a stronger sense of self.

In some cases, people will be better served by participating in multiple group events or even a private phone session with Dr. Fannin. Although many have reported results that might be termed “miraculous” after just one event, if someone has been experiencing a chronic, acute or life-long condition, multiple events and/or private sessions are suggested. This is not a substitute for any primary healthcare one may need.

There are imprints in our DNA that store limiting experiences from our life, as well as our family linage. Releasing the charge around the experience or the emotion we are having is the key to getting our life back and realigning the communication in your body’s electromagnetic centers. Even if you don’t understand the quantum physics of this there is no physical contact and no particular belief is necessary. 

The only requirement is to want help. Dr. Fannin encourages people who are skeptical to let their personal results speak for themselves.

Although Dr. Fannin holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, it is important to note that he doesn’t refer to himself as a healer. Rather, the higher power of our understanding does the work; he is what you might call a facilitator. Dr. Fannin presents this work to complement the care of medical professionals and not be seen as a substitute. It is meant to see our healing in a holistic way yields the best results.