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M.S. – Norway
“I love Dr Fannin’s work, because my rational and analytical brain wants to understand what is happening, and I think with the science behind this, it will be much easier to share this message to people. It is needed very much both in the corporate world and in our personal lives. My heart wants to bring this profound insights and learning to our young people so they can understand how powerful they really are and bring more peace to the coming generations. It was good to me to have the confirmation that what I am experiencing is not just in my mind but in my brain as well.
I have had a lot of experiences the last years and earlier in life (20 years ago – I am now 52 years old). When I then had my total transformation from being totally invalid by rheumatoid arthritis several times to be totally healthy and never more triggered those genes. I changed my personality through new insights of my old patterns and through meditation, especially chakra meditation. Then I worked very hard in the corporate world for many years and stopped doing the meditation, but I still knew that I had changed. Then I found Dr Joe Dispenza – and he resonated so intensely to my heart that I started to joining his courses and doing my mediations every day. I now really understand what happened to me 20 years ago – (epigenetic, new beliefs, energy healing, the healing power of the body and a shift to become more ME). It was good to me to have the confirmation that what I am experiencing is not just in my mind but in my brain as well.”


L.F. – Glendale, AZ
“My daughter has been receiving neurofeedback training. Prior to this training, she had finished several other therapies to address various deficiencies and disorders. Even though all of these therapies were effective, there were still difficulties in various aspects of her life and an increase in anxiety, which caused the development of other problems. In fact, one therapist mentioned that the ultimate need was to develop needed neurological connections. After her first 50 sessions, she experienced profound improvement in various areas. However, there was still more growth that needed to occur. The Avatar program has been very beneficial. In fact, my daughter has specifically stated that she prefers the Avatar program because “…it helps my brain more.” I am a parent that seeks to fix problems, not mask the symptoms with temporary fixes. Neurofeedback training has provided our family with the missing solution for our daughter’s needs.”


G.S. in Kentucky
“As a father, I was very concerned about my 16 year old daughters grades in math and science. She had been diagnosed with ADD specific. She was struggling to make C’s & D’s with university tutors helping her. Dr. Fannin did a QEEG brainmap, based on that we’ve been doing her BrainMaster sessions for the last three months. Her grades are now high Bs, without tutors in both geometry and chemistry. Since the last nine weeks she has been making A’s on her exams and we are hoping for an A for the semester. Her performance has improved significantly. Also, her attention span has increased pretty significantly. My wife is a Special Ed teacher and has been for many years and practiced in more than one state and is up-to-date on all the current methodologies used for ADD and ADHD, even lectured at universities about it. We tried this method, as well as the others, and the QEEG brainmapping and BrainMaster sessions are far more effective than anything we’ve used in the past. We are considering using this with our 15-year-old son merely to improve his performance in soccer.”