Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV)

gdv chakragdv energy

The GDV Camera is a cutting-edge Kirlian camera that uses digital technology to capture and evaluate finger emissions that relate to the meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The finger captures are divided into sectors, and each sector is linked to specific organ system and body parts. GDV measures are used for evaluating changes in the emotional and physical energy fields of the body.



The space that surrounds us is comprised of electromagnetic fields of different properties.

The Sputnik registers an electro-magnetic change in the energy space.


Dry Sensor Electrode EEG Device (DSI-24)dsi

The DSI-24 headgear has 20 electrode sites, based on the standard International 10-20 system.

Each electrode is dry and non-abrasive.




sLORETA Analysis  (standardized low resolution electromagnetic tomography)

We get a different view of what is happening in the brain. Several statistical comparisons will be made from the

data collected using standard statistical measures and procedures.


EEG and qEEG

The EEG (electroencephalogram) raw data is converted to Quantitative EEG (qEEG) data in order tocreate and evaluate a variety of reports. This conversion process provides information about the patterns brain function and is calculated as a statistical measure known as aZ-Score to show “standard deviation”, or how far away is something from normal. The energy patterns in the “tomography”begin to tell a story of what is happening in the brain.

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